Alterations and Repairs

Crease Dry Cleaners of Donnington, Telford provide an expert repair and alteration service for your clothing and home textiles.
For replacement zips, making length adjustments to skirts and trousers or even just a few buttons, the experienced seamstress at Creases Dry Cleaners will make sure that your garment fits you perfectly.

Clothing Alterations and Repairs

Clothing Alterations & Repairs - Creases Dry Cleaners, Telford

If you have curtains that need adjusting, the seamstress at Creases Dry Cleaners can adjust them for you.

Lengthening and shortening, curtain repairs, height and width adjustment, re-stitching fabrics, patching repairs pop in to Creases Dry Cleaners

 Description  Price
 Trouser / Skirt Zips  £12.89
 Shorten Trousers  £10.50
 Shorten Skirt £12.89
 Shorten Lined  £13.50
 Adjust Waist  £12.89
 Seam / hem  from £8.00
 Jacket / Coat Shorten Sleeve  £14.00
 Jacket / Coat Shorten Lined  £18.00
 Jacket / Coat Shorten Length  from £16.00
 Curtains Shorten mtr  £8.40
 Curtains Lined mtr  £10.50

Getting your clothes and home textiles altered couldn’t be easier, pop in to Creases Dry Cleaners, The Parade Donnington Telford.