Clothing Alterations & Repairs - Creases Dry Cleaners, Telford
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If you have curtains that need adjusting, the seamstress at Creases Dry Cleaners can adjust them for you.

Lengthening and shortening, curtain repairs, height and width adjustment, re-stitching fabrics, patching repairs pop in to Creases Dry Cleaners

 Description  Price
 Trouser / Skirt Zips  £10.50
 Shorten Trousers  £9.50
 Shorten Skirt £9.50
 Shorten Lined  £13.50
 Adjust Waist  £10.50
 Seam / hem  from £8.00
 Jacket / Coat Shorten Sleeve  £12.50
 Jacket / Coat Shorten Lined  £16.00
 Jacket / Coat Shorten Length  from £16.00
 Curtains Shorten mtr  £6.40
 Curtains Lined mtr  £8.50

Getting your clothes and home textiles altered couldn’t be easier, pop in to Creases Dry Cleaners, The Parade Donnington Telford.